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2010 DIY Planner Templates - oh_ah [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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2010 DIY Planner Templates [Sep. 18th, 2009=08:12 pm]
Hi LJ!

Had a request for a 2010 at-a-glance a few weeks ago and decided to put a new little set together. Most of the pages are blank so that you can fill in the days / month / year yourself!

Download: 2010 DIY Planner Templates (7.94 MB)

I use nice textured/thick paper for my planner and always print on both sides -- depending on which side you're printing you'll want more space for a 3-hole punch! For that reason, the download contains duplicates of some pages pushed to the left or the right side of the page... I also recommend using the 'fit to page' printer setting which will make them a bit smaller but keep it from being cut off on the edges.

DIY Planner Templates - 2010

DIY Planner Templates - 2010

Above is just a basic daily page, choose the date on the top and then draw or take notes or whatever you'd like. There's a 1 & 2 at the bottom that I imagined would be a to-do list - could be anything though!

DIY Planner Template - Month

This one is a monthly view but with an extra space under each week to include weekly notes, recurring appointments or events that span multiple days. So you can write those things underneath in the week space and leave room in the day for individual events.

View larger photos and download previous templates on my website!